August Nightmares #2

“Yo! Kabini? Is that you?”

Kabini shrugs and squints when she asks — “Pravin? Hey! How are you?”

Pravin steps near — “I’m good. So long eh? Are you alone? Wow! That’s very abnormal of you.”

Pravin — “Wait, I’ll order a drink for you.”

Kabini — “Hey! I barely finished this one. Also, this orange juice is fine for today. Nothing else. I gotta head home for a great dinner. So, I’m keeping my evening very light.”

Pravin — “Right! So, how’s your interior designing going on?”

Kabini — “Cut to the chase! I saw you follow me down the road. What do you want?”

Pravin — “Oh you saw that uhn? Was it that obvious?”

Kabini — “I waved to you and you immediately turned your back. So, I just kept walking. So, What brings you here?”

Pravin — “Well, I wanted to ask you if you’re still pursuing your job because I am looking out for a designer for my home and thought about you.”

Kabini — “Could’ve just called me. Tell me about your home.”

Pravin — “It’s just two streets away. If you want to see, then I’ll explain my budget and ideas I had. And then you can do your magic.”

Kabini and Pravin walked towards his home. Pravin’s wife was talking with the flooring crew head and was arguing about the inaccuracies in the first floor verandah.

Kabini — “Man! You never said you are married. Congratulations for that first and the house” whistles, “That’s the stuff I wanna do my magic on.”

Pravin’s wife greeted her and they welcomed into their home and showed the way around. Kabini had one deep look at every room and came down to see Pravin and his wife waiting for her in the hall.

Pravin — “So, what do you think?”

Kabini — “I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. Although, I would have come up with a more efficient spacing in the first floor. It’s kinda sharp and there’s less space where we take turns. Anyway there’s nothing to worry about. I wanna hear your ideas first.”

Pravin and his wife explained about their interior look ideas and Kabini also chimed in with a few ideas from her. She showed them some pictures in her iPad of some similar house models that could be a base for them. After coming up with some ideas, Kabini promised them to come up with designs in a week digitally and let them decide the rest.

Pravin — “Wow! I cannot believe it. This is almost too easy.”

His wife chuckled and said, “I have seen that software Pravi. It’s not as easy as it looks. It needs to be very calculative. Isn’t it, Ms. Kabini?”

Kabini — “True and False. Well, true about software but false about me. It’s actually Mrs. Kabini” and she showed them her ring.

Kabini continued to tell a few stories about their college days how awkward Pravin was with everyone and cheered that he has gotten so better now.

Kabini — “Mrs. Pravin! I have to say. I really thought Pravin was a creep who was following me.”

She laughed and reminisced about her experience with him on the day they first met. He liked her very much and Pravin was so scared to express his love to her. Eventually they became friends and then got married.

Mrs. Pravin — “And we’re so happy that it’s not just the two of us coming into this home.”

Kabini — “oh! Right, so your both parents are gonna live with you people?”

Pravin — “No! We’re pregnant! We just found out last week.”

Kabini — “That’s what you should’ve said in the first place you idiot” and Kabini hugged her and continued to tell them — “Since you didn’t say this in advance, your punishment is to name your child Kabini if it is a girl. Kabilan if it’s a boy.”

Mrs. Pravin — “First of all, who’s that lucky person?”

Kabini — “Deephika! And thank you so much. Unfortunately, I gotta get home before her. It’s gonna be a surprise love anniversary. See you folks! I’ll call you tomorrow Pravin.”

And she jogged back to her car near the shop where she drank orange juice.

~to be continued




Co-Writing the Story of this World :)

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Arvy Bala

Arvy Bala

Co-Writing the Story of this World :)

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