August Nightmares #7

Inspector Ramasamy asked — “Okay, this could be just a theory. What if..” and a knock on the door.

Faiyaaz whispered, “This is the most filmic moment ever happened in my life. Are we sure the writer didn’t forget something? I mean, we were just speaking about the person.”

Jeff — “Shh! No more fourth wall breaks”

Pravin entered the room and smiled.

Ramasamy — “Mr. Pravin? What brings you here? Please come, sit down.”

Pravin went straight to point, “Sir! I am turning in.”

Jeff, “Wow! That was easy.”

Ramasamy looked at me and immediately said to Pravin, “Mr. Pravin! Could you wait outside? I’ll ask any of our constables to take you to the investigation room. Thank you. You may leave!”

As soon as he left the room and closed the room he asked, “So, Sangeet! That was suspicious. What do you think?”

Smiled and chuckled softly, ‘Rams! It’s not always suspicious when something like this happens. He was being true, based on his body language. I am…uh… 73% sure about it. Anyhow, let’s see how the investigation goes.’

We enter the console behind the investigation while Mr. Rams goes out inside the Investigation. He pointed towards the camera and the constable began to record the session. The constable insisted we sit while I preferred standing.

Rams — “So, From our preliminary investigation sessions and lab results, we have concluded that you’re not someone who you claim to be. So, let’s start with your name.”

Accused who claimed to be Deephika, squinted and then replied, “Let’s lay all the cards on the table. Assuming Mr. Sangeet to be on your side, I guess you’d have gotten Pravin arrested.”

Rams turned towards the console and asked us to stop the recording. “Okay! Let’s get this off the record. And secondly, Pravin volunteered to be the approver. We never took a step. It was pretty easy, you see. He’s giving out statements in the other room. So, there’s no other way for you to escape.”

Accused began laughing for the next whole minute and said, “You really sure?”

Rams — “Why? Was this somehow going as per you and your boyfriend’s devious plan?”

Accused — “Yes, Mr. Ramasamy! But you see, he was never my teammate. At least after today.”

An inspector who had been questioning Pravin entered the console. I asked him if everything went alright.

Inspector — “I can only wish!” and he pressed the mic button and spoke to Rams. “Sir! You are wanted here. Pretty urgent! The investigation can continue later.”

Rams arrived and the Inspector said, “Pravin is now being taken to the hospital. He collapsed. Our health center doc said it could be because of insulin overdose. I think he has been manipulated. At this point, Pravin can be considered off-case. Considering the fact that he may be dead already or sent into a coma.”

Jeff — “What the… Sangeet, another speed breaker! Anyhow Inspector we expected this to happen since the case had so many hurdles already. But not Pravin. So, now that’s a dead-end, Mr. Rams, we may want to continue our session here.”

Rams — “Inspector! Keep an eye on Pravin and keep me updated.”

Rams went back into the investigation room.

Meanwhile Faiyaaz entered with his phone and showed me the instagram page of Kabini’s. I wish Faiyaaz was more involved in the crime-solving field rather than being a CSI.

Accused — “So, Mr. Ramasamy, Superintendent of Police. What was the good news? Oh right, I am so sorry about Pravin. No one survives that amount of overdose.”

Rams — “You’re just piling up cases. What is your motive here? Who are you really? Is your name really Deephika?”

Accused chuckled — “My motive? See, my motive is very simple. I do anything, even if it takes out all the emotions from my life. I lost it when I murdered her. The love of my life.”

I felt a sudden rush and chills in my spine. I tapped the mic button and spoke — “Mr. Rams! You’re being called. Could you please come?”

Rams spoke as he arrived — “Can’t you just let me extract the information in peace?”

Exhaled and said, ‘Rams! She said taking out all emotions even if it takes to kill her own love. As per the stories, Kabini was the most sensitive and introverted among the couple. I wanted to tell you this and that’s why I called you here. As per the divorce case, Deephika and Kabini had gone to their lawyers on the same day but as per the papers, Deephika’s papers had the morning time and Kabini was later. Which means Kabini was reminded about it. If Kabini was more sensitive, wouldn’t she have already gone to the lawyer? Introverts don’t like it when they delay stuff. Also, we have one more breakthrough to prove. The thing is Mr. Rams, we are going in the wrong direction. The person we are talking to is not Deephika.’

Rams — “See, Sangeet! You’re wasting my time here. If you have any questions, you’re welcome. I can provide 15 minutes with her. What do you say?”

I opened the door but stopped and looked at Jeff and Rams — “I need just 8 minutes!”

We entered the investigation room and the accused felt slightly disturbed since she was expecting Rams to arrive but we both went inside.

Accused — “Hello Detective! We meet again.”

Smirked at Rams as I said, ‘Hello Kabini! Nice to meet you too.’

Jeff blurted through the mic — “I hate to say my punchline again. Anyway, here it goes. What the hell, Sangeet?”

~to be continued




Co-Writing the Story of this World :)

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Arvy Bala

Arvy Bala

Co-Writing the Story of this World :)

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