Coexistence — Episode 1


Collywobble - an uneasy feeling in the gut (or) butterflies in the stomach

“I know what it’s like to lose, to feel so desperately that you’re the winner yet to fail. Nonetheless!”, exclaimed Wilson in a deep voice and continued.

“I assume you have a preference”

Confused by that guy, ‘Will. Are you making your voice deeper?’

Katy knocked his head from the back, “Would you stop watching that film for god sake. You’ve already watched it like 14 million times and still cry over that climax”

‘Katy! He’s at the end of his teenage. Wouldn’t you have done the same if you were his age’

“No! I probably would break this puny guy’s neck”, she walked away.

“Mr. Mahalo. She is such a badass”, he started jumping like a kid.

While ordering him to stick to his business of sitting in front of the screens and get on with his work, my phone rang.

‘Oh! Tell me Care. How do I help?’, smiled at his face and stepped onto the balcony.

“We’ve got a positive lead on our missing person #5”, she sounded loud and excited.

‘Carol! Reach the lab soon. We are gonna bust that son of a bitch’

“Mr. Mahalo!”

‘Alex, please. Call me Alex. That’s how I go by on my timeline. I hate being called Mahalo or Mahi or whatever’, kept my phone down onto the wireless charger.

“Well Alex. I have good news and bad news. Good thing is that I found all the 6 missing persons using their built-in trackers. Also I did set a program to alert us, if they’re on the move”

“Well! What’s the bad news jerk!”, Katy joined.

“Unfortunately I’m being told by my software that those trackers are organic”

I intervened, ‘Like are they connected to brain or something?’

“Heart Mr.Alex. The chip is still working but the organic connection is dead”

We heard footsteps approaching and the door bust open. It was Carol in extreme shock.

“We have a bad news team”, she breathed too hard now.

Katy continued her sentence, “#5 is dead. Am I right? Also a quick FYI. The Peter Parker here has found that all our leads are dead”

Something struck my mind and rushed to the computer.

‘Look kid! I’ll pull all the data from their micro-computers. You help me crack open it’

“But I never said you guys one thing. That it was a micro-computer. How do you know?”, he raised his brows. ‘Okay! I accept it. It was Mahi who designed it and I remember vaguely through his memories’, and Katy responded before I could stop talking.

“Wait! If you’re the dude of another timeline disguised as other dude of this timeline. How do you remember his memories?”

Carol spoke for me, “It’s because our man-the big bad altered Mahi’s timeline just a tiny bit by stealing his devices before the day of that horrible accident in his lab. But he used tech to restore memories so Mahi is replaced with Alex and we call it… ehh…uhh….” she began to stutter.

Wilson shouted, “Flashpoint! Wow! Could this mission get any cooler?”

Carol with hands to her hips questioned Wilson. “Why do you sound like a 12-year old?”

His voice was still squeaky when he replied, “I don’t know. Because we are probably advantageous or I’m probably excited wayyyyyyy too much or probably we’re fucked”.

“I should not have convinced this prick. I’m gonna have a smoke. Wanna join Carol?”

“No Katy. I kicked the butt a long time ago.”

‘I’m gonna grab a coffee before we go. Carol get ready! Hey kid! Now it’s time to prove your might. Pack your stuff’.

“Sir but you’ve never said anything to Ms. Katherine. She might wanna join us too”.

Carol smirked, “This is your first-time Willie. She smokes before every mission.” And laughed. “Come! Let me explain how my powers work. Or in your language. Hear me and rejoice”. Alex replied with hands in the air, “Mrs.Carol Please explain loud and clear cause I might lose track in between. And your time starts now.”

Few moments later

‘So guys. Shall we? Carol? Kate? Ready?’, saying I wore my smart watch.

“Wait a Sec. Do you have a name for your superpower?”

Carol peeped her interest, “No. But I’m open to suggestions”

“Ah! Goodness. Here we go!”, Katy groaned.

“Guys? We shall Age-Travel now” and we closed our eyes to vanish in thin air.

~to be continued