Emotional Express — 5

Ambika always held my hand while we walk and talk in their terrace.

“Aradhanaaa!”, her mom called her from ground.

We paced downstairs and still she held my hand tight so that we don’t let go.

We never did, actually.

“I am going to the shop. Your sister is sleeping since she’s just recovered from illness. Grandmother is taking care of her. Achchan will come in a few minutes. Just tell him to take the car and come to the shop. Okay?”

She shook her head. Her mom smiled as none of those were required for such a brilliant girl like my friend. Her mom was going to buy monthly provisions. Walking a few steps, she looked back at me and said to her, “He’ll not run away from you. Why are you holding like that?”

“He should never walk alone”, she smiled at me with a jealousy proud look.

Stepping towards the Pantry compartment with the money that Logu uncle gave to me, I never felt so alone till now.

The Pantry car is long from our place. I walked through scary path between 2 compartments for 4 times to reach it. The smell of Masala Dosa pulled me in.

I ordered one dosa to the uncle near counter and they were preparing continuously. Hoping that they will give me my plate, I was looking at every other dosa being made. The uncle who was making dosas gave me himself a plate and put one along with hot sambar and white chutney.

He put the plate on the counter and lifted me to sit on a high stool. I left some piece of dosa and he said not to waste but it was too much for me. I paid the money to the uncle at counter and asked for another dosa parcel. With the parcel bag, I began my journey back through the scary bridge.

On my way back, I saw a small girl crying. After asking what happened, one man replied that she came walking here and forgot where she came from. Luckily her parents wrote the compartment number in her wrist.

I remembered what that military uncle said to me.

“No matter what edge of the world you are in, you have to fight for it, defend it and make sure to people who trust you, or the ones you protect are safe. I do it everyday of my life. People behind me are not my family but people like you. Even if you’re not in our shoes, you have some basic qualities to do such things. All I want to say is, I have lost a friend. So, grab on tight to the ones who stand by your side. If you trust, they’ll too”

Trustful and Safe —is how a man could be

So, I held her by the wrist and said to everyone that I’ll drop at her compartment. We walked straight to Logu uncle and gave him the packet and said everything.

He gave a smile and said, “Make me proud. Go!”

“Brother! This is too much. Why are you so annoying and dumb always?”, she asked me while I started imitating her.

Ambika went berserk on me now, “Yeah! This stupid is always doing that to me too. Suggest me a way to stop doing that will you?”

Whoa! Now this is going to get interesting. She called me a stupid while talking to my sister. Now my work here is done, I laughed very loudly but to myself and walked to my room expecting a huge ruckus to start.

Few moments later I heard this.

“Okay I agree with what you said now! You’re not wrong Aaru about him”

Blasting through the door to hall, I looked at them in shock.

“Ofcourse Esha, my bro! She was just explaining how idiotic you behaved when I started to argue with her. I trust her cause she had a point. You’re not even half intelligent than when you rescued a stranded girl in that train when you were younger. Now we are on the same page Mr. STUPID”

Walking up to the compartment where the girl came from, someone came up to me and asked who we were. I explained the situation and he said in a loud voice.

“Evandi! Mee koothuru ikkada vochi.”

(Hey! Your daughter is here)

Her parents ran towards us and her mom hugged so tight with a drop of tear waiting to fall down her cheeks.

Her father, “Son! I’m so happy for you. Tell me what you want”

Logu uncle stood behind me and said, “Tell him that his daughter is safe. Tell him to teach her to never walk alone in place of mistrust”

The man replied, “Thank you!”

~to be continued~



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