JOLT — #2

Episode 2 — The Gift from God

Previously on JOLT: Surprise knocking his door from all of his friends, Rahamat was opened up with another surprise via his unborn child. With all happiness flowing like a river, one more shocking revelation about Pooja hits him like a dam.

Avanthika — “No! Let Ray read it” and she handed over the phone.

Kiran asked me, “What does it say?”

Read it, dropped my phone to the floor and stared at everyone, my mind went blank. Word never came out of my mouth. I almost stopped breathing.

Maaran — “What happened?”

I instantly started weeping.

At the TacoBell,a few years before

Finally Avanthika spoke a bit longer than anticipated but it was totally weird as she never comments on relationships. The waiter arrived at our table and asked, “Do you want to have anything else sir?”

I immediately responded, ‘Thank you sir! That’s it. Bill please.’

Maaran, “Wow! Your food habits have changed so much man. No more extra fries eh? And Kiran. What the hell? How could you not tell yes?”

She had some hesitation in her response. “Well..uh..I don’t know. Even Kanishk was a little thoughtful about this. I always witnessed him as a friend.”

Avi stood up, “Wait? WHAT ARE YOU, A SAINT? Giving up what comes to you?! Imma go out” and she walked out without hesitation. She walked back and forth near the entrance, and took her phone out. Walked further away talking with someone else. There was a mysterious expression on her face.

While waiting for the bill to arrive, I gave my wallet to Maaran and walked out to Avanthika and called her. She heard me out for the second time and quickly slid her phone into the pocket.

Me — ‘Yo! What’s going on?’

Avi— “Well! Dhanusri texted me. She wants to meet up next weekend.”

Me(smiling) — ‘Wow! So, what I thought was true. You should go and talk to her.’

Avi — “Wait! I can’t. I promised Britto I’d be around the same time.”

Me — ‘You can’t do that? Even if he was first to ask, you get to choose what you want.’

Avi — “I am so confused bhai! Really wanted to talk this out to someone.”

Me — ‘If you are very confused at this point to make a decision. Then you gotta speak to yourself about the choices you’re having and which one you’re going to pick. I get it! It’s gonna be hard for people like you. If only we had so much liberty but sadly we are on a line. Look! It’s everything upto you. You either take one or leave both. Now, be a good girl and think through, Liz! I really hope you take the best one.’

Kiran walked towards us while Maaran and Pooja were chit-chatting in a distance.

Kiran — “What best one?”

Me — ‘The gift for Maaran’s birthday! Cause I never know to choose gifts and I asked her to pick up a best gift on my behalf.’

Avi mouthed the words at me, THANK YOU! and gave a fist-bump.

Today @ home

Maaran — “What happened?”

I instantly started weeping.

A vibration sound was heard. It was coming from Pooja’s mobile on the table. We were looking at each other and Maaran rushed to attend the call.

“Hello?” and within moments he handed over the phone to me.

‘Hello, Rahamat Hassan here!’

“Oh, Mr. Rahamat! This is Dr. Lathika. I wanted to talk with you for a moment. If you would just hear me out what I..”

‘I am very sorry Dr. Lathika. But I got no time or patience to listen. I can call you once I’m done with a problem that I’m dealing with’ and I immediately rejected the call.

Thought in silence for a few moments and spoke, “I guess she just left!”

Avanthika, “Bhai! What are you talking? Are you guys really okay? If there’s anything, now would be a good time to talk about it.”

Refusing blatantly I replied, ‘No! No! Absolutely no disputes. She was very concerned and worried about the complication. And even doctor is sure that once it’s past certain weeks, it’s gonna be fine. And probably past the danger zone by now I guess. She had been talking about her home for a while now. Let’s go to her sister’s place.’

Kiran, “You sure about that? You mind calling them before we go?”

Sliding the phone inside my pocket, I walked upstairs — ‘No! That’s not a good idea. Avi! Can you drive?’ and she showed a thumbs up.

On the Road

Maaran — “Buddy! How did she even leave without your notice?”

Me — ‘For sometime, I was playing songs while making breakfast in the kitchen. We arrived this decision of raising one of our own very carefully and now it’s in nobody’s hands.’

As I sat in the back seat with him, Avi looked in the rear-view mirror once in a while Maaran spoke, “Buddy! If you are so confused at this point to make a decision. You shouldn’t be. Cause they are out of our control. You gotta speak to her about the choices you’re having and the way you’re going to deal with. I get it! It’s gonna be hard for people like us. If only we had taken such decisions in much advance, but you understand what I am saying right?”

Avanthika — “Don’t worry Ray! We are all gonna be fine” and my phone rang.

‘Hello Dr. Lathika! I am very sorry for before’

Dr. — “That’s fine! Just give me a few moments to talk about something. Will you allow?”

Me — ‘Sure. Please go ahead’ and tapped on Avanthika’s shoulder to pull over the car.

Got down at the truck layover and sat over a wall near the parking. Spoke with our doctor while others were waiting for me near the car.

Dr. — “I hope this reaches you in good terms. Now, I am running late to the hospital. I will call you later. Bye!”

‘Thanks! Bye doctor.’

Gazed and walked towards the car while Kiran said, “Please tell us what happened. It’s killing us to know.”

Shook my head and said to Avi, “Could you all go back home? I should go some place else.”

Maaran — “Are you fucking mad? We are not leaving you until you say something. What about Pooja? And what’s up with the doctor?”

Looked at everyone with a blank look as I felt my breath was getting heavier and deeper than usual.

Kiran, “Talk!”

~will be continued~



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