Journey of Teaching Lifelines #1

Prologue: The third story of the “Journey of Thousand Lifetimes” world is here. The first story revolved around friendship, and their lives and also revealed the cruel punishment of Rahamat; a second part where its entire storyline technically did not happen due to an event before the climax. Here comes the third part, with Rahamat narrating a crazy adventure with some help of his brother Sangeet. Do the friends show up in this sequel? Are they part of this crazy ride? We will see :)

As I was getting back to the physics class, just like always, my students of 11th grade had been eagerly waiting on their last day of school before it goes on a month-long break until 12th grade starts.

Meena was a bright student in my class. But she never had the weight on her head that she was. She was always there for her fellow classmates. Just like every one of them. Unlike Michael who sits beside her needs an introduction to himself every morning. Well, not so bright. Good grades, though.

All the 23 students in my class picked Physics as one of their majors because they found me to be interesting and probably the only teacher who was friendly to them in many ways possible. That does not mean I never taught. I helped 20 out of these 23 get an A+ in their tenth grade. A hundred out of a hundred.

I had one more class in the afternoon but decided to leave it free and gave them a refresher of 12th-grade lessons.

Me — ‘Alright gang! It’s the last time I teach for today and we got our five minutes left. Does anybody want to go over the history?’

Meena — “Created havoc for wearing certain clothes, oppressed some polite neighbors for not being in their dominant religion or caste, hated our beloved friends for their food choices, raised the price of daily use products, did some shady stuff during the war and pandemic and finally, the cow dung is the most interesting medicine they claim it works for almost anything but apparently not their brain.”

Me — “I guess we did cover it all, Meena! The history of what was taught in the class.”

As everyone laughed, she smiled and shrugged. Well, she wasn’t wrong.

Vasu — “I mean she’s talking about the stuff that is out in the open. How about the kinds of stuff that are faked? Like the moon landing or Mars landing. uhn, Mr. Rahamat?”

Walked forward and kept one hand on his desk, leaned and looked at Walter who was sitting by him, and asked, “Did you still not delete your Twitter account, Walter?”

Meena — “Well, we have to witness certain weird things just like how schools have classes beyond annual exams.”

Me — ‘Ding! Ding! Ding! Meena gets it right. Ugh! You’re always on point. You’re worse than my Ex.’

And continued while walking towards the blackboard, ‘Look here folks! It took some time to understand how the principle worked and Archimedes was quite a magician, I’d say.’

Walter snickered.

‘Yes Walt! It is funny. Like one fine day, Archimedes was eating a boiled potato on a stick while working, it fell into this beaker of water on the floor and he went like — eyyyyyy… wait a minute! The upward buoyant force that is exerted on this potato is equal to the water that jumped outta the beaker.’

Everyone laughed at Walter’s laughter at my joke on the subject.

Principal Kiran walked in with a bright smile. Kiran spoke while walking towards me and stood by my side, “Good to see you people! I see you all laughing at Mr. Sangeet’s joke. Yeah, he’s the cool teacher. Why can’t I be the cool principal uhn?” and she shook her head left to right like a dancer.

Meena raised her hand.

Me — ‘Ssh! That’s not a real question.’

The bell rang and everyone walked out for lunch. Meanwhile, Abhirami walked by my place and asked, “Can I talk to you, Mr. Sangeet?”

I replied, ‘Abhi! Being the only one to talk to out loud with your social anxiety, I guess the answer is yes!’

Abhirami — “Mr. Sangeet! Why is the principal being so weird about it? In one of my previous schools, we used to run away from them. She needs to speak with the guy she likes.”

She had learned hacking during her 10th Grade holidays and can’t seem to stop testing it out on the school networks and other faculty members.

Me — ‘Abhirami! We talked about your hacking problem. Only use when required.’

Abhirami chuckled and replied, “Yeah! To edit Mr. Maaran’s staff evaluation files to zero. One day he’s gonna find out” and we both laughed about it.

During Lunch hour

Walter was swiftly walking downstairs as I was walking with Maaran through the corridor after our lunch.

Walter — “Mr. Sangeet! Guess what? I am going to college early.”

Maaran — “What? Walter! What’re you talkin’ about?”

He handed out a letter to me, and as I read it was a shocker.

Me — ‘Walter! This says expelled. Which means you can never resume your studies here. Who gave this?’

Walter — “It’s Mr. Francis. You know what, now that I think of it, this made my job so easy. I never wanted here or anywhere. I think Zomato is hiring. It costs a bit too much to go afford a car with the fuel rates for joining Uber.”

Me — ‘Think of something better. Your statement doesn’t sell.’ And smiled at him.

Walter — “I know what I can sell.” And it was very shady from the tone of his voice.

Me — ‘Did the government legalize it?’

Maaran nagged my shoulder and replied, “Dude! Are you gonna get us expelled? Talk responsibly. Walter, we’ll see what this is.”

We asked Walter to stay back and I walked towards the Principal room. On my way to her office, near the P.E room, Michael was talking with his friends with a letter in his hand.

Me — ‘Yo! Mikey. What you got in there buddy?’

Michael — “Oh! This is probably some credit card bill. We cannot pay if we do not open the letter to see the amount. Smart eh?”

Me — ‘Yeah real smart. I can’t tolerate this.’

“What Mr. Sangeet? Are you gonna pay for this?”

I took the letter from him and said, ‘Someone else is gonna pay for this.’

Principal’s office

Kiran — “Hello Ray! Right time, I see. I was discussing with Mr. Francis about..”

‘ much of an ass he is?’ and showed her the letters interrupting her conversation.

Kiran — “Ray! Our funding depends on the performance, attendance, and discipline of our students. And I am not taking the burn for underperformers in twelfth.”

Francis continued, “And the only way to stop hurting our numbers in this program is to counsel them out.”

Me — ‘What do you call this program? Clear as a day ?’

Francis — “I don’t hate it and it is actually sunny and clear outside. Let me note that down.”

Made a buzzer sound and I said, ‘Is this some sort of magic to Wingardium Leviosa on a bunch of kids?’

Francis looked at her in confusion and asked, “What’s a Wingardium Leviosa?”

Kiran — “It means to make them fly away. Just like the story of my dating life.”

‘Kiran! You better find a way out.’

Francis — “It’s not that hard to find a way out, man. Look! The door is behind you.” and he snickered.

Kiran — “Francis! It’s not funny.”

~to be continued



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