Journey Of Thousand Lifetimes #2

Episode 2 —Behave Normal

Kiran stuttered, “Wait, wait!”

I exclaimed, ‘Oh, look! Someone’s amnesia kicked in!’

She continued, “eh whatever! I forgot.”

Avanthika, “Are you wondering how Joshna became Teja?” and Kiran shook her head up and down.

I exhaled and said to Kiran, ‘Hey sis! It’s been 5 years of it and why do you wanna know now. I’ll tell you later.’

Maaran inhaled, “That’s okay man! She doesn’t know it fully right? Not even have met her, probably. Maybe we all can relieve from those memories.”

Pooja and Kiran were settled in their sofa and Avanthika was relaxed in a Barcalounger with a half-complete special edition RedBull while Maaran walked to sit on a bean bag. I stood near them and it formed a circle.

I false-chuckled and said, ‘This is an origin story’.

Maaran — “Batman?”

‘I said yours, not mine. It was last day of first year and we were all talking in the classroom post exam hours near the library block and as usual..’

Avanthika interrupted, “Hey! Imma go. Client is calling for a design walkthrough.”

It was noisy outside the library block. We had completed our Mechanical Laboratory practical exams and our class was sitting and chatting as it will be a long time until next meet.

Winter was about to start and it rained in our area. The college is often drenched as it is situated far from the city and next to the mountains. Kavin, me and Maaran were talking about Tekken shortcuts while messing with a black caterpillar that rolled over every time we touched it with a stick. Kavin accidentally pressed it too hard.

Avinesh blurted out, “What the hell man. Kavin stop meddling with something for a few minutes will you. Now the whole area stinks of that caterpillar.”

Kavin carefully picked up that dead caterpillar and aimed at Avinesh’s face. The boys crowd erupted with laughter.

Three girls with a few record notes in their hands walked from library block and toed towards computer block. I was looking at one particular girl who was smiling and her face was so beautiful. A sudden blow to the back of my head. I turn back to see Maaran looking at me with a fierce face.

“Can’t you behave normal?”

‘Was it so obvious?’ and I looked back at the girls. They were giggling.

Maaran replied with a sarcastic tone, “No! Probably the tribes of Uttarakhand didn’t see!”

I made a silly duck face. Then to calm him down, I asked if we can go to the food court. Buying two pepsi cans from the counter, I walked back to see Maaran behaving the way I was. Banged the table with the Can. He alerted and looked at me to smile naughtily.

‘Fucker! And you say I embarrass you, Uhn? What are you looking…’ and he started to look at the same place. Bent down to look through the same window. Same girls but the one I saw was not there. These two were hesitant to come inside and I sat on the chair.

They both arrived and gave a brief peek of the whole place. We looked at each other and pretended to be in a conversation. They noticed us and they walked towards us.

“Oh Shit, Rahamat. They’re walking towards us. You’re dead,” he panicked. I was shit scared. Almost crushed the Pepsi can. One girl tapped my shoulders and I turned. She asked us if they can sit with us but with expression.

I sat opposite to Maaran and they sat next to us. The girl who sat next to me smiled at me and crushed her fingers and somehow conveyed something. ‘What?’

Girl who sat next to him replied, “She’s asking what are your names?”

Me and Maaran in unison — “Oh! I’m Sorry.”

I continued, ‘I am Rahamat and he’s Maaran.’ And as we were saying the girl who spoke in sign to the other.

Maaran — “What about you?”

She replied, “I am Teja and she is Joshna. She wanted to talk with uh..” she gave a quick look at Joshna and she pointed towards him— “Maaran!”

Joshna signed something and Teja chuckled, “She’s saying that there’s was nothing to worry and everything is fine as she wanted to say something.”

Maaran — “What does she wanna say?”

Joshna replied, “I like you very much. Do you like chocolate milk?”

He stood up, “Whoa! WHAT?”

I exclaimed, “Holy shit! This is the craziest thing ever, my man” and I stood up to hug him.

‘Hey Teja! You and I, let’s get the hell out of here’ and Teja looked at Joshna. She smiled and said they were okay. He was petrified.

We stood near the counter and were looking at them.

Teja — “This is crazy Rahamat. Are you absurd? They aren’t talking. They both need me.”

Me — ‘Chill buddy! Look at them. They’re fine. You are not in the picture anymore. Literally!’

Both of them looked at us arguing and smiled at each other.

Pooja spoke with hands on her cheeks, “Aww! That’s so cute Maara.”

Kiran replied, “Yaaa! So in that food court, anna was actually talking to Teja meanwhile Joshna was…”

I continued her sentence, ‘Standing near the Exit door while Teja took her place in conveying the info on either sides.’

Avanthika came from her room meddling with her phone, “So! What did I miss?”

Pooja exclaimed, “Everything, you idiotic Liz!”

She replied, “God damn it!” and kicked the floor. She looked at me and spoke, “Hey partner! That dog shelter client?”

Me — ‘Yeah! About his infrastructure?’

Avanthika — “Exactly. I had already sent them but looks like he was involved with another issue. There was a break-in and the neighbor who tried to stop it was killed in his house.”

Silence prevailed for a minute

I regained a thought and replied, ‘Okay, first of all. Nope! I am not calling my brother.’

Avanthika — “Hey! He’s our client.”

Me — ‘Precisely. Our client. I don’t wanna make his. This is everything about us. I don’t want his business here.’

~to be continued

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