Journey Of Thousand Lifetimes #6

Episode 6–What the hell?

We were waiting for Kiran to tell us if she ever accepted his proposal.

Pooja asked again but softly this time, “You said yes?”

I had never been so proud of my little one than ever. The person who asks all kinds of things from taking decisions to giving me suggestions is now in love with someone. Atleast that’s what I think! But what came next was the big shock we have ever encountered in our life.

Kiran briefly looked at our frozen faces and spoke, “You guys don’t know but uh, I kinda already said YES to a marriage proposal arranged by my parents.”

Pooja grunted, “WHAT THE HELL? Are you dumb? I mean, you love that guy? You always get the guy you love, ”and she looked at me.

My eyes widened and mouthed — ‘NO’

Pooja softly said, “Shut up. You’re not helping” and turned towardsmy sister and said, “whu…why..just why?”

Kiran shrugged, “Well, I kinda considered Sharma as my friend. For a long time.”

I clicked my tongue to intervene, ‘Nah, uh.. You have clearly said he’s your lucky guy.’

Maaran — “What the?”

‘Shush, Maara!’

“I neither understand FRIENDS series nor today’s discussion. Coz I am not following either of those.”

Pooja and Avi chorused, “What the hell!”

Avi continued, “See Keers! Friends as partners are a totally different level thing. It could be hard to take that decisions but certainly not hard when it comes to taking decisions together. For example, take Pooja and RayRay. They are pretending to be friends but deep down, they may still love each other. And might even confess to each other in an year or so, if my calculations are right.”

Finally Avanthika spoke a bit longer than anticipated but it was totally weird as she never comments on relationships. The waiter arrived at our table and asked, “Do you want to have anything else sir?”

I immediately responded, ‘A fries and a pink lemonade.’

Maaran, “You said, you feel full. And Kiran. What the hell? How could you tell yes?”

She had some hesitation in her response. “Well..uh..I don’t know. Even Sharma was a little thoughtful about this”

Avi stood up, “And you said this too? WHAT ARE YOU, SWAMI VIVEKANANDHA? Giving up everything. Imma go out” and she walked out without hesitation. She walked back and forth near the entrance, and took her phone out. Walked further away talking with someone else. There was a mysterious smile on her face.

Couple Years Later

“Wow, this place is gorgeous! I swear,” she was admiring the French styled Cafe.

‘Do you want to sit inside or?’

She immediately responded, “Out! There’s fresh air. And it’s a know..erman”

I squinted, ‘eh what?’

“Nothing. I’m sorry that you cannot spell romantic since we got together last year.”

‘Come on! Are you kidding me?’ I shrugged. And she signaled the waiter that we’ll be sitting outside. He followed a few feet behind and prepared the table for us. It was a beautiful mild-windy evening and the sun was getting ready to throw it’s yellow rays around. Other waiter was coming towards us with a wine bottle in his hand. She was curious as me.

“Sir, Mam! We would like to offer you a drink, especially Fratelle Sette — an Italian specialty. Would you be willing to have it? The first 3 refills are on the house. A special offer for people who come in as couples.”

She blushed and I turned around to see a couple with the same wine(I guess) and I smiled. She blushed and bit her tongue. I acknowledged and the waiter obliged.

The waiter walked away. The glasses were filled millimeters perfect to each other. What a pro, they are! She was still smiling like an idiot and couldn’t control herself.

‘What?’ I asked with a chuckle.

She gently picked up the glass and I followed her. Clanked and sipped a tiny amount of it. Placing it back on the table she looked towards the sun. The trees in the nearby park couldn’t stop the sun rays from hitting her face. The air blew her hair and her face became fully visible. I have never understood how some people cover their face with hair and still look absolutely stunning.

She held onto my hand, “Hey! Would you tell me one thing?”

Meanwhile this is the most dangerous question one can ever face. Either they are expecting a promise from you or in some other cases, you’ve been caught doing something really stupid. Either way, I am still clueless.

With a questionable tone, ‘Yes, I guess?’ and her facial expressions changed frantically.

Abort! The mission is compromised. Meanwhile, I was mentally prepared to get ready to have a glass of wine on my face or the wine glass on my face. Either way, I am still clueless. She smiled and I breathed a sigh of relief.

“I feel that the couple facing against us two tables away is someone we may know. Is it just me?”

My hands lost grip mildly and she was still holding onto mine. ‘What are you saying?’ and I turned around casually. A loose curly hair head and a neatly braided hair head.

My eyes widened and mouthed at her — WHAT THE FAAAC

Whispered, ‘I’ve seen those heads already.’

She smirked and said, “Chill! They saw us coming and sat facing against our table so we wouldn’t notice. Let her enjoy! She finally found the love of her life. Look at them.. how cute holding hands together” and her tone got hoarse saying the following sentence. “But, why did she not tell me?”

And her eyes popped out in fiery and she mouthed towards me — WHAT THE FAAAC.

Holding my left hand she pointed with her other index finger towards them, “Is that…..?” and I squinted.

She let go of her hold and fear gripped me as I thought she was going to storm at their table. She picked up the wine glass and sipped the wine dry.

‘Hey, hey! Take it slow. Why?’

“Oh my god. This is one strong-ass wine. Bllllurrlaah.”

I snickered at her behavior and she replied, “You sit here. I am gonna go talk to them. And see if they are gonna tell us.”

We sat on the roof of the hotel and the floor was split in two halves. With a dine-in inside and a dine-outside. We were the only two couples sitting outside. The sun was transforming from yellow to orangish rays. A cold breeze flowed and her hair swayed. She got up swiftly and her head spinned for which she reacted holding on to the table and my shoulder. Held her by hand and supported her from falling. It was a very long time since we had any alcohol and it was reacting crazily on her. I barely took a third sip of it. I was feeling hungry and looked at the waiter who was standing near the door to obtain order.

She moved and I said, ‘We can deal with this later, Pooj. Don’t be a drama queen.’

She said, “Get up! We gotta deal with this now.”

The door’s latch open and it was loud. I looked through the curtains of the door. It was another couple coming outside. The waiter helped with the door and the couple walked through. As soon as I saw the couple, I got up quickly. Pooja was unable to foresee my reaction, got scared and sat down.

I was looking at them with a confused and shocked face. I slowly tilted my head towards Pooja. She caught my hand and asked, “What?”

I said, ‘Get up! We gotta deal with this, now.’

And she turned back to see couple holding hands were both actually staring at us with astonishment.

Suddenly a voice from across 2 tables, “What the hell?” It was Avanthika who was standing in a war stance.

His face still was still frozen. I looked at Avi who was on a date with her love and I yelled once I looked at Dhanusri’s left hand — ‘What the hell?’

Pooja’s eyes widened looking at it and she said in a low-voice, “Is that a ring?”

The awkward waiter looked at everyone of us.

~WHAT THE HELL happens next?~

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