The Haunted Hostel — #9

‘Faiyaaz! You gotta listen to me. There is no way you are going to get attacked. I have a few methods which could stop the attack from happening. Please, trust me.’

Faiyaaz hugged me and cried, “Please save me, Mr. Sangeet. I don’t want to go, for her or my family. They do not want another burden. I have to be there to convince that she did nothing wrong.”

I whispered, ‘How sure are you that they’re going to trust your word on that matter?’

“They will. Guess I just have to take a leap of faith.”

Patted his back, wished him a good luck and left the room.

“Mr. Sangeet!” he called me from inside. Walked in to find him standing with his phone with an unknown caller. He switched on the speaker.

a hoarse computerized voice spoke,

Voice: “Is that Sangeet Hassan?”

Me: ‘yeah! And you?’

Voice: “That was never your concern. You will know when you know. All I want from you is one promise. And I may spare your student’s life today. And I don’t want any smart work as I clearly know that you’re a detective.

Me: ‘How do you know me?’

Voice: (started laughing) Goodbye Sangeet! We are destined to do this forever.

Faiyaaz started to panic and hands shook. “Mr. Sangeet! He never told anything. What should I do?”

Smiled and said, ‘Trust me! I won’t let you die. I know how to save you.’

“But that’s a hallucinating agent. I will never feel myself. At that time — like you said, I might be able to follow anybody’s command.”

‘And that is why I’m here. To save my student. Come let’s take a walk. It’s only evening now.’

Climbing down from the room to the garden area, we were strolling the walking path. Handed him an earpiece.

‘I now have my ears on you. And I wanted to tell you something. I’m seriously puzzled to know who the real convict of this case is. But I need you to sacrifice one thing.’

He chuckled, “The last thing I have until tonight is my life. What more could I lose? Maybe this is my destiny.”

‘No! Just do as I say and you’ll be alright. Now let’s go have a coffee while I explain what happens during the incident.’

At Sangeet’s Room

‘Okay! Now Faiyaaz. Do you remember everything now?’

“Yes sir! But the coffee tasted like stupid”

Chuckled, ‘And how do you feel right now?’

“Like a gun. Get me another cup, Mr. Sangeet,” he went trippy.

‘Look! I laced drink with a mild dose of marijuana oil. Coffee is a stimulant, so you’ll feel depressed and happy at the same time. Don’t worry but it’s a medicated dosage amount.’

Faiyaaz stood up fast, “Oh! I’m getting trippy and fresh. But I’ll die”

‘Only if taken with alcohol. Your blood does not have alcohol and I guess the oil should fight the external stimulant which is the Smoke, in our case. It neutralizes the effect and you’ll sober up once the smoke hits your stream. In that way, I can tell you and you’ll hear to the only voice you really want to hear.’

And the world slowed down.

I have been speaking with Molly and she loves Faiyaaz unconditionally. Even if she wishes to be evil, she might’ve somehow tricked Faiyaaz but she is still concerned about the attack. How is it really possible for a person to love and kill the same person? Both are being true to themselves and for each other. There are no signs here. But why is he being targeted? Is it because of the pattern coincidence or she is being driven by someone else? There is no way, she can get into this hostel. Why does it always lead to a peculiar road where I need to jump in front of a truck and find out? Ah, shit! Got it!

Molly is not the hostel ghost! It is a mere distraction.’ Immediately rang Wilson from my phone.

‘Jeff! I need a favour.’

“What’s it Sangeet?”

‘I want you to call the girl’s hostel warden and get Molly to A&E hall. Lock up and guard her. She is not getting out of my lecture room.’

He intervened, “Where are you?”

‘Go! We don’t have time for chit-chat,’ disconnected the call and looked at the terrified Faiyaaz.

‘Let’s go get that ghost of a bitch!’ and I blast-open the door of my room as the clock struck 8.

Faiyaaz tapped my shoulder, “Sir! The attack is not until 11 as mentioned.”

‘Right, yeah! I did not pick a right moment.’ and he laughed.

Wilson called. Picked up the phone and spoke,

Me: ‘Yes!’

Wilson: “She is now at the A&E block”

Me: ‘Good work! Look after her.’

Wilson: “But she is already here.”

Me: ‘I do not understand!’

Wilson: “I mean. I did not bring her here. She came here by herself. Already.”

Me: ‘What?’

Looked at Faiyaaz and asked, ‘Did you convey her?’

Faiyaaz — “Whom? Malli? No! I did not even talk to her after yesterday.”

Me: ‘Jeff! Be careful’

Wilson: “Yeah! But why?”

and I hung up the call.

It was an hour and a small blast was heard. The bulb outside the room, broke and the pieces shattered to the ground.

Faiyaaz — “Mr. Sangeet?”

‘Yes! I heard that too.’ and looked at the time. 2 minutes to 9. I ran to close the door.

‘I’m not sure who among us is the target now.’

“Sir! You did not have the oil.”

‘Really? Don’t I look like one?’ and he shook his head across.

A loud thud was heard from the hostel rooftop and a dog howled in a distance. ‘Faiyaaz! Quick. Call Wilson and ask him to come but only after you hear a sound.’

Boom! A sound outside the door. ‘NOW!’

Peeked through the window slit. And there was a power cut for the whole hostel. Smoke was coming in through the door gaps and I picked up my scarf hanging near the wall. Ordered Faiyaaz — ‘Go to that wardrobe corner and sit down. Tie it around your face. Breath as low as possible.’

And my body started to react to the hallucinogen smoke. Looked at Faiyaaz while he was wrapping himself with my scarf like a mummy. He gave me a brief look and shook his head. The smoke was beginning to rise in the corridor in front of my door and I began to visualize like it was a ghost.

Like never before, I was able to clearly see what it was. I opened the door and walked out. The chemicals in the smoke was still reacting to my system and began breaking me down but the WILL isn’t broken.

Spoke to Faiyaaz through the earpiece, ‘Close the door, lock it and go back to your hiding. Don’t open until the power is back.’

And I inhaled deep, my body stumbled. Fell on my knees and closed my eyes to enter my BrainGround. It was a not mine but the plain white one. It was calm. I was standing in an infinite space and there was a single-sofa in front of me. Sat on it and everyone regarding the case of haunted hostel appeared before me.

VP, Warden, those 2 students from previous attack, Faiyaaz, Molly and Wilson.

I asked, ‘Hey guys!’ and a hand touched my shoulder from behind. It was Jyothi Mithra’s temple outfit. Covered face, loose black outfit with hood and glowing eyes.

“Hey darlin!”

Me: ‘Why are you here too?’

Wilson: “The real question is, what are you here for?”

Me: ‘To solve my case, Jeff’

Faiyaaz: “The stage is set. Perform your role”

Molly: “Indeed sir! Let’s start with your first case.”

Me: ‘I’ve been over this. First, the brother killed. Then your mom was the suspect and now you have confessed being a murderer.’

Jyothi snickered.

Me: ‘I still do not understand who you are. Molly hints that she’s you by laughing the way you do. But in here; there are two images. What are you, really?’

Molly: “What did I confess?”

Faiyaaz: “If she killed her father, she killed another boy’s brother in the temple? And also attempted to kill you and me?”

Wilson: “Is that feasible? I don’t think so. If you saw a girl tied to the chair in the temple, who was that unknown character? Was it Molly, herself? That is why I didn’t see her when I came in? Because she was being Jyothi the whole time.”

Me: ‘I think you are giving me a good point to think about. Why did I ignore you in helping me?’

Wilson: “Because you always sent me away or probably I wasn’t really helping you”

Me: ‘Precisely! If Molly is the person who tied me to the chair in the second room. Who was the girl in the first room of the temple? If that’s Molly, I clearly know that she cannot free by herself. She had help.’

Jyothi: “You are thinking vast. Think small!”

Me: ‘Yes! Everytime I meet you, Jyothi. You tried to kiss me. But the last time when I was tied to a chair, you did not.’

Molly: “I guess my work here is done! What do you say?”

Jyothi: “Thanks for coming…..Sister!”

Wilson: “Whoa, whoa! Wait. What’s happening right now?”

Me: ‘Jyothi Mmmm…Nooo!’

And I snapped back to reality coughing my lungs out in a dark corridor. The smoke was dissolving slowly. A person with a big boot, black pant came near me carrying something in his hand. Before I could look up the face, I received a blow on my head and slowly the vision and consiousness was fading away.

The person spoke in a computerized hoarse voice, “Two chords never go in one hand” and I blacked out.

And I was lying on the ground in the lecture room and Molly was beside me as I woke up. The room was half lit as few of the lights were turned off.

Molly: “What happened Mr. Sangeet?”

Me: ‘You said that I failed to you — an Amateur. And I went into my mind. Processed a whole new different world of consequences. And I went deeper to realise something.’

Molly: “So, my statement hurt you and you’re proving yourself”

Me: ‘I took the pulse, the first time….I was kissed. When you finished your singing, I shook your hand and the joy of your pulse was different. You see me as a mentor. So, you never take advantage of me. The hostel ghost was a mere hallucination. You were my ghost at the temple yesterday. The hostel is rigged but that’s my next move. And after such hurdling experience, I found the culprit. The murderer of your father was Jyothi Mithra. Elder daughter in the house. Isn’t that right, Ms. Jyothi Mallika?’

Molly: “How did you realize that it was me at the temple?”

Me: ‘The thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts. A magic trick is not real because the maigicans take turns. And you, the love of Faiyaaz Hussain — would never attempt to think apart. And she thought I’m still dumb to notice her hiding in the dark.’

~to be continued~



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