The Missing Owl — #6

Sandya asked me on return from Mizhavukkadu — “So Mr. Lawyer! How are you?”

I answered her with a smile, ‘Mrs. Boxing Champion. I am alright! And now I have a different approach planned out. Thanks to you.’

She said while walking upstairs — “Told you! You let that bird talk to you and all your grief somehow flies away with it. Like that missing frogmouth.”

‘SANDYA!’ — I screamed.

She came rushing back and enquired about my tone.

‘You’re a genius. The missing owl. I’ll go take a bath and come. Can you call Lindo and ask him to come? Let him have breakfast with us today. Then storytime in my office at 12 PM. The day is getting much better.’

She thoughtfully replied — “Yeah! About that. Mum asked if we could order outside and so I already did. But since our regular mess was closed today, I’ve asked Lindo to buy breakfast for all of us from a nearby mess. He said — Akshaya Hotel or something.”

I chuckled as I spoke — ‘Oh adhanu! Adipoli meen varuval aan. He will get that special one for me. Wait and see!


‘Sandya and Lindo! I know it’s odd to call you Sandya while we’re discussing the case but this story should be heard by you too’ and took out my phone to make a call.

Sandya — “Better make it quick. I gotta rush for training today.”

Lindo — “Oh here we go again! Who’s the hero here?”

‘Ahn!’ I said over the phone.

Aravindhan entered — “Hello! Who’s here to hear my story?”

Lindo — “Aravindhaa! How’re you, buddy?”

“I’m very good sir! Thank you. Sandya Akka! Good to see you again!”

I continued — ‘So! Here is the hero of our story today. Aravindhaa! Would you help me and do the honors. Aravindhan will be telling his story and will leave because I wanted him to say it. So he has agreed to join us for one hour and maybe more time actually. Why don’t you start!?’

Aravindhan’s Tragic Love

So Aravindhan had been in love with his childhood friend. They never realized what it was until they found out. Their intention was always friendly and one day she expressed that it was a bit awkward at times which was mutual on his side too.

One day when she began questioning his life choices of being on the side of justice, Aravindhan was concerned and it started out as a friendly argument.

But the motive of the argument was totally different. It was to expose why Aravindhan had been keeping ties with the wrong people.

Once when he was on the field investigating the crime scene, he had come across someone from his lab who was actually the culprit. Aravindhan tried to cover the whole thing up but realized he was too far inside the quicksand.

So, Aravindhan decided to back out and reverse everything he did. He tried to undo his wrongs. Turns out it was all a sham. Once you get your hands dirty you can never escape from the Judgement. It shall strike on thee.

Okay, the next strike on his love life was when he befriended a person without knowing his background when he came to Kochi to meet his girl and convince her to live with him in Kochi. Unfortunately, she found the new connection too and she warned him about the man’s behavior. That stranger was asking for a favor and said he would help him out in the future.

The saying goes — Third Time’s A Charm. It was but never knew a fourth time would be a case of felony. And that fourth time was when Aravindhan came on a trip to Sameer’s place and got himself entangled in a case that involved the stranger — Jobi.

Wait, what?

— — — — — — — -

My assistant Lindo intervened in the story — “Aravindhaa! Wait. So you knew who’s Jobi? This could’ve saved us a lot of time and hearings at the court. I’m sorry what was the causality of the fourth time?

I continued — ‘It was his girlfriend! Jobi Kidnapped her. And Aravindhan wasn’t able to crack open the case because it involved emotions. He knew exactly who was kidnapped without even asking for it. I understood this when he had anxiety attacks on the day when this happened. His love life conflicts are his triggers. This is why he had been on therapy sessions. Luckily, he once mentioned the name of the doctor and now Sandya knows who the doctor is.’

Sandya — “Wait! I know?” and a brief moment later she continued — “Yep! I get it. My sister Vidya is a licensed therapist”

I said — ‘in Kochi! The birth town of our lead accused — Jobi!’

~to be continued~




Co-Writing the Story of this World :)

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Arvy Bala

Arvy Bala

Co-Writing the Story of this World :)

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