The Proposal-Part 1

Arvy Bala
5 min readMay 22, 2017


Let’s begin!


It was a pretty sweaty evening as we; the group of friends were playing badminton and sitting on the bench near the park that had the court. We never look at time when we’re all together. Suddenly a suspicious smell passed over me (Throwback to Joey’s fart acting). My friends had gone silent suddenly for a minute. She came near me and started to knead dough invisibly with her hands. Pretty hard dough I guess. Because she was damn nervous.

Another girl of our group, eye signaled her to say that thing to me. Whatever she was going to say. I was sitting with a guy who moved away once she came little close to me. She was little startling to start her statement. I just replied with a ‘Yes’.

She slowly tried to hold my hand but took it back. Well! Now my notion levels hit the roof of the graph and looked straight onto her face. Yes! I was already looking at her face only. Don’t judge me, you freaky reader. Her lips were moving and saying something but I couldn’t figure it out. Just a minute before, we were talking, creating ruckus and increasing volume in that silent park where no kids were playing. But now it wasn’t.

Suddenly she looked me into the eye with a few tears rolling down her right eye and left eye was about to break out the first tear drop. Now I got a little serious and thoughtful about what was going to happen. Wiping her tears off she gave me a sharp look and uttered,

“I..I like you very much. I don’t know what else to say, but I love you too”.

I was motionless for a few moments, my brain shoot up lots of emotions under one second. Heart began pumping a little harder and definitely in panic. Adrenaline and many other psychological stupidities covered my vision and suddenly got up to scream, "Stop this! "

That girl, who encouraged this act of her, came to the rescue and another guy who really cares about me a lot stood up and held my shoulders with both hands and tried pushing me out.

I screamed like someone misbehaved. FYI. Yeah! It could happen to boys too.

She was taken to her home by girl number 2. She began to weep very hard like a baby. I was still pissed off and my voice still was loud after she went. That’s when my shoulder holding friend of mine consoled and controlled my anger and told me to go home.

An hour passed and my sister texted me over phone. I told all of this to her for which she scolded me in first place and consoled me. Then made me understand the whole situation. It was that time to totally realize that I was a world’s no.1 stupid for which I should have made a decision and not make a move.

I re-thought the moment for infinity times and got mad at myself for such a foolish act. So I decided to reach her home to apologize. I know she couldn’t take this. But I still have to get over my retarded activity.

Cut! Next scene jumps over to her door.

My question mark shaped index finger tried knocking but stopped at an inch. I knead dough with one hand and with 50% chance of falling in love; I knocked her front door exactly twice. Her mother opened the door for me. We all know each other for a couple of years yet she gave me a strange look. The Mr. Bean expression of my face made her understand that I am here for a healthy reason. So she just said a few words to me,

“Son. Don’t take it too hard. Both of you. There are few things to be decided between you two. I hope everything is going to be fine. It’s only you who can console her now”

Well! That was energetic and encouraging for me. But still the uncontrollable guilt and anger was developing bit by bit every minute. I tapped the knocker of her room. It really felt like opening door to hell. The girl number two opened the door for my surprise. She understood and said to me,

“She neither had her dinner nor stopped weeping. I’ll sit in the hall with her mom. I really hated you for doing that. But now it’s not the time”.

I stepped in, just to see the girl sitting on her bed and weeping like a monster.

(Pun intended)

She started staring at me with tears rolling down her swollen red cheeks due to hours of crying. Her neatly combed hair now resembled the ghost of Rings movie. I couldn’t help but notice cuteness in her. Realizing that I was still mad at her, my hatred destroyed those thoughts. It was my time to startle to start a statement. But, I started to speak suddenly.

‘Hey. I’m sorry for that foolish thing. You know that I am not a hard guy. But that was never by intention. Sorry again girl”

Before I could speak another sentence, she hugged me and cried. Well! That was not what I was expecting. She explained that she got madly in love seeing after a long time. She let go off me and wiped the tears with a white handkerchief. I wanted her not to cry over again and eat her dinner before she goes to sleep. She expressed a stubborn face and said,

“I want to be alone. Don’t mind me. I’ll do whatever I want. Even if you don’t love or like me, just remember that I am still with your thoughts. Go away if you were my friend”

All of a sudden, the house went silent; my ears could hear the supersonic noise in the atmosphere. My phone now vibrated for another text from my sister who enquired about what was happening. I gathered all my will power and strength from everyone around this Universe and raised my right hand again. But this time to wipe the tears off her face.

A couple of months later she confessed me that she wanted to kiss me right away when I wiped off her tears. And that was the day I randomly realized for 413th time of how much she liked me. We had spent a few nights talking with each other sitting on her sofa. Just talking our hearts out. That’s when I realized that it’s the divine happiness one could ever get.

You probably started to think that this is a beautiful love story witnessing beautiful moments. That’s when things turned up real upside down.

Yep! She stepped into her first career. But it was a pretty huge step as she had to leave the country. While she’s far away from me and before I start to miss her, let me narrate a few happenings about my meeting with strange things.

Cue the music!

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