The Sixth Child — #12


Woke up to see my team standing around me and I panicked as they’re vulnerable because of being non-confidants and yeah, PTSD too.

Avanthika — “Hey, hey! Relax. It’s okay. We are at NexComm’s quarantine center. Unless you kiss with your teeth or lick our eyeballs, we wouldn’t be affected with Venus-6. And yeah, you can hear us now. Kiran re-programmed your ear implants. Unfortunately, your voice-box couldn’t be restored. Apparently, she knew how to destroy my tech.”

Maaran said — “We saw everything from your body-cam. We’re furious too. But now, you have to rest man. Please. And it’s good to see you man!” he smiled as I closed my eyes.

Knock on the door.

May I come in?

Alexander Mahalo opened the door and asked, “May I come in peeps?” and he walked in with a long blackish-blue coat, with a black shirt with dark Trousers.

I signed and Maaran translated for me. “Alex, you remind me of my brother. He used to be such an intelligent guy just like you.”

Alex nodded — “I know, Ray! This is to honor your brother. He and I have known each other for many years. Sangeet worked on a case for me many years ago. Unfortunately, he was killed during the mission and as a reminder of a dear friend, I took his coat.”

Kiran was jittery as she spoke — “Mr. Mahalo! I’ve been a great fan of your findings. But I just don’t understand one thing. I mean, Avi and I had followed your protocols to secure the Nanites of his voice-box. How did Krithi surpass such a good tech? I mean there should be a way to bring him back, right?”

Alexander exhaled and smiled, “It’s too bad that a captain of the Team has no voice in this team. Pun-intended, sorry Rahamat! I am here because you guys can help me with that mystery.”

Pooja stood up — “What mystery? She ran away with your tech or killed someone? If it weren’t for you guys and if we have operated independently, Ray wouldn’t have stayed like this now.” and she began to emote aggressively all of a sudden. Avi held Pooja by her arms and held her back.

Avanthika — “Yo! Shut the fuck up. We all are going through something. Calm the hell down. Sir! What happened? Did Krithi escape NexComm?”

Alexander walked a couple of steps towards us and said — “Yes! But.”

Maaran — “But…?”

Alex — “She’s DEAD! Her organic nanite implants in her brain are not transmitting any of the signals.” he looked down as he spoke.

The hell?

I waved and asked him about the brain implants.

Alex — “Well, okay! Long story short, she had a terminal illness that affected her brain stem which we treated with our nano-technology which… she helped create. So, she’s technically a cyborg. The nanites help her brain think by itself that all is fine and also repair the damaged cells during the time. Nanites can send and receive signals which are organically attached to her and now they are not responding and flatlined 5 hours after Rahamat collapsed. The last known location is fuzzy.”

Pooja — “Great! You want us to help you in finding out dead-meat in a field filled with Venuses.”

I raised my hand and looked at her asking her to stand down. Tapped my chest twice and showed him a thumbs-up. He nodded — “Take care Rahamat!” and left the room.


Maaran — “Dawn of the Dead! Now, how the hell are you alive, Krithi?”

Krithi responded — “Yeah! Just push this betraying lunatic from the moving car near the campsite.”

Maaran’s loud voice echoed and I immediately stopped the car as he said — “Wait a minute! You activated the camp-site?”

I signed — ‘Is it The Mall?’

Krithi pulled the door lever and spoke to me while getting down, “I’m afraid it is.”

Walked around the front and stood near me. Supported herself on the rear-view mirror and said — “Look, Hasan! I’m very sorry about what happened that day. But I had to do that for protecting myself. If you could come with me to The Mall, I can explain everything to you.’

Maaran — “How do you think it’s technically possible? We know you were operated by NexComm and they put the tracker in you and now since you’re alive, they’d track you and in turn, fire us or kill us maybe. Look Krithi, this day was very long and it has been very hard. Leave us alone.”

Krithi chuckled — “That’s what she said!” and I high-fived her timing sense.

She continued — “Sorry!” and kept laughing.

Krithi — “First of all Maaran, Ray’s tracker was deactivated that day. Lucky that he didn’t die. They can still trace me if there’s an expert who knows what she’s doing. Except that their tech-person is me. I’ll meet you guys there if you change your mind. And… bring the team! Trust the Sixth-Child,” and she walked away with a gun in her hand and the backpack filled with Ammo and other supplies.

She stopped walking a few meters away and looked at us — “I forgot to tell you something. I was never dead.”

Ah Shit! Here we go again!

~to be continued~




Co-Writing the Story of this World :)

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Arvy Bala

Arvy Bala

Co-Writing the Story of this World :)

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