The Sixth Child — #13


Krithi — “First of all Maaran, Ray’s tracker was deactivated that day. Lucky that he didn’t die. They can still trace me if there’s an expert who knows what she’s doing. Except that their tech-person is me. I’ll meet you guys there if you change your mind. And… bring the team! Trust the Sixth-Child,” and she walked away with a gun in her hand and the backpack filled with Ammo and other supplies.

She stopped walking a few meters away and looked at us — “I forgot to tell you something. I was never dead.”

I then promised to bring my team and accompany her to the campsite.

Our base was now shifted to Hindusthan Hospital at Nava India. Vivanta Taj was somehow occupied by Venus during an encounter and almost 40% of NexComm employees were wiped out. Kiran and Avanthika worked from an IT Park with NexComm which was easy for their Tech purposes. Defendants and Warriors were camped at the hospital.

Our weapons procurement has tripled in size and we somehow were able to get 4 Tanks too. Thanks to our warriors. Since the trees from the area were chopped off due to bridge construction from a long time ago, our snipers had many vantage points.

It is now almost 5 years from my incident on the field. We thought Krithi was dead and now here she is, waiting to walk us to the campsite. Prozone mall has been the hardest campsite we weren’t able to obtain. We couldn’t anticipate the attacks even though it is one of the easiest places to hunt.

An hour later while we waited over the water tank near the Mall’s junction, Pooja, Avi, and Kiran arrived.

Krithi jumped from the top of the water tank to the ground as we all gasped. Damn, it was almost 70–80 feet.

Landing ever so greatly like a Kryptonian, she said over Comms — “Oh! Forgot to tell you, I’m indestructible now. Thanks to you, Avi!”

Avanthika — “So, you took my advice!”

Pooja — “Screw that, you idiot! She almost killed Rahamat!”

Maaran ran towards Pooja and stopped her from attacking Krithi. “Hey! She’s on our side. Stop trying to hit her.”

Avanthika — “Huhn! She’s not trying to hit her. She tried hitting on her. There’s a difference.”

We all stood in a circle and Krithi was explaining how she cracked the code to program the nanites that constructs a second layer between skin and muscles making her physically impossible to defeat up to a certain level and how that helped her acquire this camp-site.

We entered the Mall and parked near the 'I Love Prozone' entrance. Walked in with our guns locked and loaded.

It was getting dark and we switched on Lights in some of the abandoned stores. Somehow OnePlus and Apple stores were heavily protected.

Maaran chuckled — “Seriously man! This is ridiculous. Who are they protecting against?”

Krithi stopped and walked near him. Stood insanely close to his face and said — “Try to guess!” and stared for a while.

Maaran — “Okay, I’m gonna assume — You?”

Krithi laughed loud — “Man you are spooked easily. How are you a sniper?”

Kiran sounded loud that the hallway echoed — “So, are we alone?”

A voice echoed back — “You are not alone!”

And we released lock from our guns ready to fire and a man with a Sherlock’esque attire walked with a hat. We stood near the Lenskart shop on the ground floor and he walked down the escalator steps.

Krithi panicked a lot that it was the moment she knew that she was fucked.

Maaran — “Mr. Alexander? Waa.. wad…What are you doing here?”

Alex — “You think it’s that easy to wiggle me off and sneak in here? Come on, it wasn’t that hard. So, Hi Sergeant? Seeing you after so long, alive.”

I took a step forward and Avanthika stopped me. She whispered — “Alex is here for Krithi. He is just surprised that we’re here.”

Krithi — “Alex Mahalo! Nice meeting you too, chief. Glad that we are all here, and I have a few words to say before I’m dead. Go to hell, psycho! I’m already out of your dirt pit.”

Alexander — “Very good! Now goodbye.” and he swiftly moved to nab the gun from Avanthika’s gun-holster and shot Kiran in point-blank the face.

Krithi was pushed a few steps behind and fell on her back. Groaning and screaming, she stood up.

Alexander — “Thought so, traitor! Guys, what the hell were you thinking — joining forces with her. For standing around like fools now?”

I walked forward with Maaran and he spoke for me as I signed — “Mr. Mahalo! I agree that you’re mad at her for betraying us. She has something to say. Maybe give her a chance to speak. She could be the key to cracking our solution.”

Alex — “Rahamat! I can’t believe that you of all people would be my only chance to destroy our enemy. Can’t you see people? She clearly fished all of you to her court so she could deal with it very easily. And Avanthika, the person who doesn’t even trust her own mind is standing here?”

Pooja — “Sir! We think he’s right. So, we can just give Krithi a chance.”

Kirthi was disoriented and slowly walked towards us. As she neared Alex, she gave him a long stare and walked behind his back. Alexander looked down and smiled. After all, he’s a God among us. He is like the Old Gods who fought when it began.

Krithi chuckled — “Traitor uh? You are the one to speak. Mhm?! Remember when you convinced us that the terrorists a.k.a the scientists' group that modified the virus to become such a Human killing one?”

Alexander pointed a finger at her face and said — “Hey! You helped the Government to assassinate them. If it weren’t for me, I’d have never recommended you or be alive. The scientists would have come up with something even worse.”

Krithi — “They had enough time since they released the video about their demands until when they were killed? Why didn’t they?”

Alexander with a high voice— “For god sake, it was declared a pandemic already Krithi. You double-crossed NexComm twice. I should have not saved you when you did for the first time.”

Krithi — “I’m better off dead, right? Cause if I was dead already, these people wouldn’t know who bankrolled and helped the scientists create such a deadly virus. Thanks to your insane mind, your formula was their blueprint. Now answer us honestly, are you even real?”

Avanthika spoke, gradually increasing her voice, “Oh my God! Mr. Mahalo! It was you. You wrote the protocols. You were the lost time-traveler. The Father of Nanites tech. You let us fail and took advantage of it. I should have suspected this when Rahamat collapsed. It was you, who manipulated Krithi but since she never obliged, you disconnected her Nanites to kill her. Somehow, she broke free through your prison. Did you play us the entire time? How could you ever dream to destroy this world?”

I walked forward and signed — ‘I don’t care if I ever hear or speak. I was born like this, so it doesn’t make much a difference. And I’m not my brother to deduce like a detective. But whatever Krithi and Avanthika are saying, are those accusations true? Answer us, Mr. Alexander Mahalo.’

Alexander looked at everyone with a smile, turned around, and started laughing maniacally. The entire hall was echoing his laughter and the they never stopped.

“Well, this.. is the truth” His maniacal look, smile and voice would never be forgotten.




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