The Sixth Child — #6


‘Do you have enough Ammo, Pooj?’, I uttered at her who stood at the other end of the room in a battleground of Venuses.

The radio crackled as our convos on the battlefield were mostly through radio — “Mr. Romeo! I am fighting with what looks like DIY equipment. I have been asking for a gun for a long time and you ask Pooj for an Ammo check?”

Pooj — ‘Suck it up, Avanthika. It’s Code Red over here. We are stuck in a house with two Venuses running upstairs.’

Maaran — “Queens Gambit!”

Kiran  “On it, Maara!!! Ray and Pooj, I want you guys as far as possible from the house.”

I looked at her and said , ‘Pooj! I hear them walking towards the steps. It will take a good time for us to escape if Venus decides to stay upstairs itself. You go first while I distract and Kiran will have enough time. Move!’, and she slowly tip-toed through the broken window opening that was broken so much it looked like an entrance.

Kiran — “The heck are you doing, Ray! The Drone is ready to drop!”

I said — ‘Get ready to fire in 10 seconds. Sniper ready to engage?’

Maaran — ’ Already on it! Kiran please confirm Pooja’s location. She out of zone?’

Kiran — “Yes! Now I want Rahamat out of the zone too. Ray what’s your position?”

I started to speak and the next moment I fell to the ground. I was pushed to the ground by a man probably in his 20s wearing pajamas. He was a Venus. His pupils and fingertips were already greyed, lips were chapped as heck. Saliva dripped from his mouth and was ready to bite me with much hunger.

Reached for my handgun and remembered I threw it out to Pooja before she ran out. The noise from upstairs was increasing as they were running down the steps.

Maaran — “We don’t have visual confirmation, Ray! Confirm your position. Are you out? Gosh! These garden trees are so big. Kiran! What do you see?”

Struggling to break free from the hands of a Venus, my breathing was elevated and so was my Heart rate. Managing to get up, the man still chased to chastise me to death. Caught his long curly hair by the left hand and clenched the other hand under his jaw. His hands were still free and could have strangled me to death but his brain has already affected so much for thinking. Pulled him near the broken window and pushed his head towards a protruding wooden piece. The broken wood pierced through the neck and came towards my side. The blood spurted all over my face and body. The Venus man stopped struggling and finally let out the last breath.

Maaran uttered over the radio, “I see a movement near the window!”

I replied, ‘That’s me. Now, Kiran! Fire at will.’

Kiran — “Armed! Firing in 5…4…3.”

I was running away from the house towards the complex where my Team was at. Turned back to see three more Venus people from upstairs running towards me from inside of the house.


The house burst in flames and since I was still in the blast radius, the impact pushed me a few feet away.

Me — “Guys! We made it. This… is Good teamwork!”

As the others were clamoring over the radio chatter, I had discomfort in my right arm deltoid. Ripped open the vest and then the t-shirt to witness myself bleeding.

I stood frozen. ‘Holy shit!’

Avanthika — “What holy shit? Did we miss something?”

Me — ‘I got the love-bite.’

Everyone in unison — “WHAT!”

~to be continued~

Co-Writing the Story of this World :)