Two Lies and a Truth #1


Madhu known for solving most problems as a Team Leader but his almost-supportive team gets him in trouble at times. His weekend job is to go to the place his father built for homeless kids and teach them something. He’s secretly rooting it to become his only thing he wants to do.

Madhu used to be a school teacher initially, then took on so many odd jobs finally becoming an underrated employee at an overrated job. His love for science was the one that gets him through hard times.

What a weird person, eh?!

He lives far from his family and his younger sister —Nandhini lives across the town he’s in, which was near to her work. She visits him whenever she can. Hear to Madhu, as he tells the story on how his lies interfere with Nandhini’s truth that lands her in trouble. Read the story to uncover the lies and a truth.

I said in a shrewd voice, ‘Hey Nandhi!’

She squints and secretly plots to kill me, as I call her that way ever since childhood. I call my sister that way everytime she stands in my way.

Nandhini — “Doofus Devil!”

I walked towards hall as the The Terminal was running on TV.

‘Hey! I wish you’re stuck like this Nandhu! Somewhere where I’m not being bothered by you ever.’

Nandhini replied in a sarcastic tone, “Yeah, in that way I can’t drop your phone into your fish tank anymore” and she started threatening to drop while holding my phone above.

‘Hey thirudi! When did you snatch my phone,’ ran to get the phone from her.

‘Where did you even learn these tricks nuthead? Okay, talking about nuthead. How’s your partner?’

Grabbed the butter cookie jar from the dining table and sat on the sofa adjacent to mine. “She’s not nuthead. She’s a di..”

Interuppting her hardly, ‘Waah! No no! Got it!’

“Stop judging my life and get a girlfriend yourself man.”

Reducing the TV volume I borrowed a cookie from her, ‘It’s not that I won’t get. It’uh... None of your friends look good.’ And thought to a pause.

Chuckled and said to me, “Except?”

Exhaled, ‘Oh man! She’s gorgeous.’

“She’s my senior. She’s your age. Why do you hesitate or get shaken to your core when she talks to you?” spoke with cookie filled mouth.

My phone lit-up which was sitting on the table near the waterbottle. Tossed her the waterbottle and took to check the message.

It was from her. My crush. ‘Speak of the devil. I mean, angel’ and my sister groaned of frustration.

Nandhu hit herself on her head seeing me grinning like a fool. “Mom is getting tired of asking me when you’ll ask her out.”

I screamed at my phone — ‘Hey! It’s not my fault that the cake was a bitter. The chocolate was probably fresh.’

Nandhini — “What? You met her? Oh! That explains why you had this receipt in your pocket.”

Checked my pockets to find the dinner receipt from last night missing. Amazed by her skills I replied, “Well done! I’m pickpocketed by my own unsupportive sister.”

Threw a half-eaten cookie at my face and said, “Who’s unsupportive. I introduced you to her, right here. Remember? Oh! Do you also remember what was dull than the climate on that day? You, for god sake!”

Long ago; Meeting his crush for first time

Nandhini walked in with a girl as I was enjoying a beautiful cup of coffee near the window.

The dull and cloudy light was so beautifully lighting up that girl’s face while she walked in with my sister. Messy mascara, curly hair and wide smile took my caffeine away.

“Hey!” my sister said in a loud voice.

‘Hey Nandhu! And hai. She’s a?’

“Friend! A senior at college” and the girl smiled again breaking me from inside one organ at a time starting from heart.

If she were a doctor, she’d have diagnosed my elevated pulse instantly.

She exclaimed, “Oo! Hot!”

Nandhini — “What?”

She replied, “His hands. Your brother really knows his way around a good”

Looking at me she asked, “Can I bother you for coffee for me and your sister? We’re chilly.”

Breaking out of my awkwardness I blabbered, ‘Eh he! Sess. I mean Yure. Chi! Yeah, Sure.’

Nandhini followed me to the kitchen and said in a soft, low voice, “What the hell happened back there, Madhu? Quit vibing, you two, okay?”

Grinned and continued brewing two great cups of coffee.

I said, ‘Well, that’s awkward’.

~to be continued~



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